Since Covid-19 hit us all in March, a lot has changed, both for the salon and personally.  You may have noticed that appointment times are less frequent as I have been allowing for cleaning time, and for social distancing between clients. You may also have noticed that the front gardens flowers are now waist high.

A few other salon changes,
There is now salon reward points, that build up from your  appointments to become gift vouchers.  You can use the vouchers for yourself or pay it forward to friends and family.

One client at a time, (that I instaded because of Covid restriction), has worked well and I plan to continue this style of appointment timing. This has changed how some of my appointment schedualling is laid out, and avaliablity when booking online.

I have also introduced monthly specials, you will find these in the “Specials” section of the Online Booking section. You may also see these on our Facebook page under “Offers”

I continue to be dedicated to providing my best to all my clients and i look forward to seeing you soon