The first quarter of the year has been a great success for our salon.  In march we participated in the Words Greatest Shave and help raise over $1000 on the day though sausage sizzles, face painting and of cause the shaving! We shaved 36 brave people and had over 400g of donated ponytails.  We have also had a few renos done, new floor was laid down over the Christmas – New Year break and its wearing in nicely.  New fish tank for our little fishy friends, they moved from a small 2ft tank to a spacious 4ft tank and they are loving it. We have also welcomed a new staff member this year and extended our opening hours.

We want to say welcome to our new staff members, its great to have fresh faces in salon.  We are now open three late nights, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday by appointment until 9pm.  Wednesday’s are now open for appointments, starting in May. Though we are still closed on public holidays and for our Salon Training days.  One Monday each month we attend training, this enables us to grow and refine our skills with our CPR Colours, so we can continue to bring you our best.

We are continuing our success, by going more environmentally friendly as of May.  After taking a good look at our waste in salon we have implemented new procedures.  Cotton towels are replacing our micro-fiber ones, helping to keep plastic fibres out of our water ways.  All our cardboard and plastic waste is now heading to a recycling centre, and we are encouraging clients to bring back their used bottles of product, so we can recycle the plastics.  Every returned product bottle earn you $1 to spend on retail products in salon.  We are also moving from coffee pods, to ground beans to help minimise our non biodegradable waste we create.  (used ground coffee is great in the garden to help keep snails and slugs at bay, its also a great for the plants)  We feel that its time to change the way our salon affects our environment.

Look forward to hearing more from us in the coming months as we bring about these changes and continue our journey.

❤️ The Mariposa Designs Team